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Woman with big smile after gingivectomy procedure at Skyline Implants & Periodontics
Do you struggle with the appearance of short teeth in your smile? Although your teeth may appear short, they may actually be the proper length.

The teeth are simply covered with too much gum tissue. Here at Skyline Implants & Periodontics we can correct this by performing the periodontal plastic surgery procedure, also known as crown lengthening.

Or are you one of the almost half of dental patients over 30 years old suffer from periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, causes tissue inflammation that supports and holds the teeth in position.

Fortunately, gingivectomy, a rare oral procedure, can help reverse the effects of gum disease and treat gum disease.

At , we know that most of our patients are self-conscious about their smiles. That is why we have invested in sophisticated equipment and have a skillful team you can rely on to help restore your smile.

During the periodontal plastic surgery procedure, our periodontist can reshape the excess gum and bone tissue to expose more of the natural tooth.

This can be done to more than one tooth to create a beautifully enhanced smile. Your appointments may also include cleanings and preventive treatments to further improve your oral health.

What is Gingivectomy?

Gingivectomy is a dental procedure of removing the gingiva or gum portion around and in the teeth. Gingivectomy controls the overgrowth of tissue and helps in improving the appearance of your teeth.

What Are the Benefits of a Gingivectomy?

The gingivectomy procedure will help remove the diseased tissues while reducing the chances of oral infections by reducing the depth of the gum pocket where bacteria get trapped.

The procedure will also help save the jawbone and teeth from a dental infection. With periodontal surgery, all the reshaped gums will appear firmer, pinker, and healthier.

Gingivectomy Procedure

The gingivectomy procedure will take 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the amount of gum tissue removed.

However, it will take more than a single session when a few teeth require work. More procedures will require a couple of visits with healing time in between.

The gingivectomy procedure starts with local anesthesia to help numb the surrounding area. Our dentist will use a periodontitis scalpel or laser tool to cut away gum tissue.

A suction tool will be kept in your mouth for a few minutes to help remove excess saliva. A special laser will be used to help in removing any remaining tissues and help in shaping the new gum line.

A soft, pliable substance and bandages will be applied to the gums to offer protection during the healing process.

Gingivectomy Aftercare

Avoid brushing, flossing, or rinsing your mouth within 24 hours after the gingivectomy procedure. However, you can resume a normal dental routine in areas not affected by the procedure. Perform salt water rinses after 48 hours to help keep your gums clean and speed up their healing.

Avoid touching the affected areas during the first week of recovery. Do not use your tongue or fingers to touch the area.

How Long Will it Take To Recover From Gingivectomy?

The healing process after the gingivectomy procedure will last one to two weeks. However, some patients can return to their normal routine a few hours after the treatment. After a gingivectomy procedure, it is much easier to maintain a healthy smile.

How Long Can I Wait To Eat After Gingivectomy?

Do not consume any food or drink until the entire anesthesia has subsided. Consider taking high-protein food and drinks three to five days after the surgery.

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Do you struggle with the appearance of short teeth in your smile? We can correct this by performing this procedure - also known as crown lengthening. Call today!
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